How long is the worship service?

We begin at 5pm and typically end by 6:30pm.

Is there a dress code?

No, you can wear whatever you like.

What can I expect when I arrive?

We are a relatively small gathering, so to keep things simple and not require a lot of volunteering, we don’t have ushers to greet you.  Simply take a bulletin as you enter the chapel (it will be on a music stand in the doorway as you enter) and sit wherever you like – you may not be warmly greeted as you enter, but we expect that after the service everyone will take the opportunity to greet one another.  The atmosphere before the service is relatively quiet to help provide a context where people can focus their hearts and minds and prepare to engage with the service.

Is it ok for people who are not Christian to come?

Yes, all are welcome to join with us.  We hope to be a place where people who want to learn about Christianity can come and participate at whatever level they are comfortable.  The last part of the service involves what the church calls “communion” or “the Lord’s Supper” – this is a Christian practice where baptized Christians eat and drink together in a symbolic fashion (each person has a small piece of bread and small cup of wine) in remembrance of Jesus.  Jesus tells his followers to do this, and we understand the Bible to teach that those who are not followers of Jesus should not eat and drink the elements that are served.  You are welcome to be with us and observe as we do this– if you would feel uncomfortable doing that, you will have the opportunity to leave the service after the sermon.  We hope to create a non-pressure environment where people who are interested in Christianity can come and learn, but without being pushed on anything.

I don’t usually go to church – how will I know what to do?

When you enter you can take a bulletin with the order of the service – this will guide everyone in what we are doing (and has the songs, written prayers, etc.).  Those who lead the service from the front will move us through the service so you shouldn’t have to guess what to do at any given time.

Is there child care?

Yes, we have child care, but no formal children’s program at this time.  Children are welcome in the service, though the service is fairly quiet so each family can decide if they want their children to be in the service or in child care.  If you will use child care, you can drop your children off before the service and pick them up after the service.

Are you wheel chair accessible?

Yes – there is an elevator to take to you to the chapel where we meet, and everything that happens during the service happens on the same level.  When you enter the lobby of Union Seminary you will follow the long corridor around the court yard – and you should pass the stair case leading up the chapel, after going through a short hallway, and there is an elevator on the left that you can take to the 1st floor.  You can ask about the elevator leading to the James Chapel at the security desk when you enter (there is another elevator in the building, but that takes you to a separate part of the building – if you do ask security, be sure to specify you are going to the James Chapel).

Are you affiliated with Union Theological Seminary?

No, we simply rent our worship space from them on Sundays.