Evening Service Distinctives

As a whole we are not trying to do anything unique – we do what any church should do – we gather, pray, read and consider the Bible, seek God and have fellowship.  We do, however, do a few things in certain ways that are perhaps not as common:

silence and reflection – while this may feel awkward for some, or may test our ability to concentrate, the Bible calls us to meditate on Scripture, to be still before the Lord, to examine our hearts, and to be people who can shut out the noise and distraction of life in order to remain focused on what is most important.  We are intentional about having time and space for this during our service.

singing the Psalms – we don’t sing the Psalms exclusively, but the practice of singing the Psalms goes back thousands of years and we want to join each week with those throughout the ages who have used the words of this particular book of the Bible to sing to God.

remembrance of the Lord’s Day – New York is an exciting, busy city – life in the midst of such a hectic environment requires times of rest.  God calls us to set aside a day to take a break from our work and normal concerns and to intentionally rest in Him.  Our worship gathering is a part of that day, and seeks to weave a spirit of rest in how we worship.

high use of Scripture – we allow the Bible to direct us in what we do in worship, and we also include Bible passages throughout the service – our 2 scripture readings are not the only times we hear from the Bible, but from the call to worship at the beginning to the words of blessing at the end of the service (the “benediction”), the words of Scripture fill our meeting.