About the Service

The Sunday evening worship service is a simple, quiet, reflective gathering for anyone interested in drawing near to God.

In our worship service, we primarily do three things:


We pray in various ways – silently, out loud together (with a responsive or written prayer), through song, or being led in prayer by someone in the front.  Written prayers allow us to join our voices together, and some find that seeing the prayer in front of them helps them focus better.  Silent prayer allows each individual to bring what is on their heart before God.  Singing lets us join our voices together and engage our whole being more fully in bringing words of praise and expressions of the heart to God.  Prayers spontaneously prayed by the pastor or another leader allows us to spend time bringing the needs of our church, city and world before God as we do the work of intercession.  Our prayers include confession, thanks and praise, calling on God for help, lament, and remembering particular needs.


We also join together to seek God in our lives, to direct us, to encourage us, to correct us, to help us.  Scripture is used throughout the service and as the Bible is read and taught, we have the opportunity to listen with discernment for God’s leading in our lives.  Bible passages will be used to call us to worship, to direct some of our prayers, and there are 2 scripture readings during the service.  The sermon is a teaching from one of the passages, giving us the opportunity to think more deeply about what we have heard and allow the Holy Spirit to apply the word of God to our lives.  Even as we sing Psalms, we have the chance to hear the voices of those around us singing the Bible, giving us the chance to listen to God’s word expressed by those around us.


When we come together as a congregation, assembled to meet with God, we have fellowship with God and one another.  This is perhaps expressed most clearly in our weekly gathering at the Lord’s Table, where we follow the instructions of Jesus who told us to break bread and drink from one cup together in remembrance of him.  In this practice we commune with God in a particular way, and have fellowship with one another expressed through this symbolic meal.  After our service we express our fellowship informally through greeting one another, and most weeks after our time of simple refreshments, those who are interested join together for dinner.

Our service is simple, allowing for a lot of time for reflection, being still before God, and meeting together in a spirit of reverence.

View a bulletin from a previous service to get a sense of what a typical Sunday is like.