Our evening worship service begins at 5pm (our service is approximately an hour and a half).

We meet at the James Chapel of Union Theological Seminary.  The main entrance to the building is on 121st street and Broadway (on the west side of the street), and once inside you will have to follow the corridor around the courtyard to get to the James Chapel.

To get to James Chapel:

  • make a left after passing the security desk
  • make the first right (after going down a long hallway)
  • then another right when you get to the end of the next hallway
  • go straight to the staircase that leads you up to the chapel.

If you need an elevator, pass the stair case and walk down the short hallway to the left of the staircase – don’t turn left at the stair case, but go to the left of the staircase – there will be an elevator on the left).

Parking meters are not in effect on Sundays, and while street parking is normally available, there are parking garages in the neighborhood.

Map to James Chapel

Map to James Chapel at Union Theological Seminary